Amanda Surprises Sarah

by Patricia Goskowski Kubus

Scheduled for release on July 3, 2012  and available at most booksellers or direct from publisher by clicking here.

My daughter Grace quotes, “mommy it’s the same way I feel when I go sarahbedto school and I have to leave you behind”.  Sarah and Amanda unite in a touching way that draws in all children that go to school. Enjoy “Amanda Surprises Sarah” and allow Amanda’s visit fill your heart with warmth.

—Reviewed by Lori M for

Sarah is a little girl who is nervous about going back to school after enjoying the long summer months at home with her mom. When she gets to school, she meets children who are friendly and want to play with Sarah, but she is too angry about being away from her mother to play with them. Her teacher, Ms. Betty, tells Sarah that she understands that Sarah wants to be home with her mother, but that she needs to be in school and to learn. Sarah feels as though she is never going to change saramomher mind and begs her mother not to send her to school again the next day. But in the middle of the night, an angel, Amanda, visits Sarah and helps her understand that in order to grow up to be as smart and good as her mom is, Sarah needs to go to school to learn. Sarah wakes up comforted by her visit from Amanda the Angel and looks forward to going to school in order to be just like her mom.

Author Patricia Goskowski Kubus writes the 'Amanda the Angel' series as a dedication to the daughter she lost who was born with the birth defect Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. The book includes a free audio book digital download so that kids can have the book read to them. The illustrations are adorable and the story reflects a real life situation that kids go through when being separated from their parents to have to attend school. It was a cute read.