Amanda finds Kristy Alone

by Patricia Goskowski Kubus

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This is a very delightful Christian children's book. On one particular rainy day, Kristy and her mother go shopping for new school clothes. Kristy's mother gets side-tracked, and Kristy finds herself all alone and lost in the mall. She climbs into an elevator and is overcome by panic when the elevator gets stuck and loud alarms sound, which frighten Kristy. She falls to her knees in tears, and it is then that the beautiful and comforting angel, Amanda, comes to her side. Amanda comforts Kristy at a time she needs it the most and talks gently to her. She stays by her side until she is no longer needed, and Kristy can be reunited with her mother.

This e-book would be very appealing to any reader, but especially to children. The illustrations are beautiful and well drawn to depict the emotions that Kristy is feeling. I felt very connected to this story; it has a wonderful and original plot. I could truly feel what Kristy was feeling and felt the peace in my heart that the angel brought to Kristy. It was very well written, and I feel that children of all ages would come away with a sense of empowerment and a positive message. It is a great story that children will love and remember. The lessons learned are two-fold: 1) how to handle a situation when you are lost and alone, and 2) a person is really never alone for they are always comforted by angels and God watching over them. It is a small book that carries a huge message, "We get stuck, but we are never alone.""

—Reviewed by Rita V for