Main family business established in 1975. Michael T. Goskowski is the founder who named the company from his two children Karen and Tricia (Patricia). The first three letters from their name formed Kartri.

Michael has retired and published his own auto-biography, which can be found on the link: http://www.kartri.com/historymgbook.html Upon leaving, he left the main mechanics of his business to his children.  Enjoy reading his survival during WWII and learn how he slowly established himself up to a strong entrepreneur. 


A newly formed stable, acclaimed by Karen's daughter, Jessica Polednak. Her sincere dedication to horses has lead her into a world of personal enjoyment. If you are interested in finding a professional, well kept, surrounding for your special horse friend; then you would be impressed as to what this stable has to offer.

Francis Goskowski

In this fascinating work, Three Essays and Three Revolutions, author Francis Goskowski argues that Martin Luther, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and Karl Marx, three "Founding Fathers" of the modern world, are responsible for the "big ideas" that have shaped current thinking in religion, politics, and economics.